Yikes, the most important link in yesterday’s email was broken. I’m sorry. Here are the high points, in 280 characters, with the corrected link at the bottom: COVID is not over. Symptomatic COVID & long COVID are BAD. Delta. Omicron. Etc. So: Get vaccinated+boosted.
I’m really tired of this pandemic and taking precautions. I know you are, too. However. Symptomatic COVID is bad. Long COVID is bad. Between Delta and…
... it should be an N95.
B117 and other variants will explode soon in the US
The "UK variant" of SARS-CoV-2
Please activate if it's available to you
It's been a long slog. Don't give up now.
Out of 100 people who catch COVID, how many get sick, really sick, critical, or die? And, keeping each other safe for the next 6-9 months (at least).
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